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Australian Rowing History

1994 National Rowing Championships–
Junior B Women's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st Sandy Bay - Bow: Emily Grant, 2: Joanne Aldridge, 3: Lydia Blundell, Str: Jo Burbury, Cox: Anthea Goodman, Cch: Greg Kunda

2nd Rockhampton Girls Grammar - Bow: Katharine Russell, 2: Fiona Stewart, 3: Maree Hume, Str: Eloise Lawrie, Cox: Tina Mylrea, Cch: Frank Hick  

3rd Aust Nat Inst - Bow: Catherine Macfarlane, 2: Ingrid Boers, 3: Fiona Macdonald-Taylor, Str: Jane Macfarlane, Cox: Fiona Williams, Cch: Barnaby Eaton

4th Aust Nat Inst - Bow: Melissa Nyveld, 2: Sam Andrews, 3: Kerryn Hill, Str: Nicole Ullianich, Cox: Lian Hill, Cch: Barnaby Eaton

5th Methodist Ladies College - Bow: Sally Champman, 2: Anna Ervin, 3: Michelle Tehan, Str: Sally Hutchins, Cox: Stephanie Germantsis, Cch: Hamish Mcglashen

6th Pymble Ladies College - Bow: Kate Glasson, 2: Sascha Richardson, 3: Lisa Hunt, Str: Kate Waters, Cox: Sophie Loftus, Cch: Mike Boyden


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