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Australian Rowing History

1994 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Women's Coxless Four

Final A




Final A

1st Swan River - Bow: Keiste Sluchniak, 2: Margeurite Potter, 3: Calinda Borowiee, Str: Jessamy Moore, Cch: Patricia Pinkerton

2nd Canberra/Commercial - Bow: Tanya Kanaris, 2: Sarah Guilfoyle, 3: Rebecca Snowdon, Str: Sally Bell, Cch: Damon Stokes & Robyn Grey-Gardner

3rd Swan River/Perth - Bow: Angie Jefferys, 2: Sally Heitman, 3: Kim Lord, Str: Julia Dick, Cch: Patricia Pinkerton & Cathy Falkiner


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