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Australian Rowing History

1994 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Lightweight Women's Coxless Four

Final A







Final A

1st Corio Bay - Bow: Kylie Howarth, 2: Amanda Hinds, 3: Shelley Johnson, Str: Kylie Hayles, Cch: Lyall Mccarthy

2nd Aust Nat Inst - Bow: Kisahn Lamshed, 2: Sophie Marcus, 3: Angie Millard, Str: Melissa Robinson, Cch: Andrew Pierce

3rd Perth/Swan River/Uni of WA - Bow: Maria Hondross, 2: Anna Scott, 3: Kate List, Str: Yolande Barratt, Cch: Warren Gibson

4th Toowong/Commercial - Bow: Narelle Bristow, 2: Belinda Tanks, 3: Christine Taylor, Str: Jo Woodford, Cch: Chris Grummitt

5th QUBC - Bow: Louise Hansen, 2: Naomi Everett, 3: Kylie Soribner, Str: Melody Delaat, Cch: Damon Stokes & Paula Mckellar

6th Commercial - Bow: Michelle Greenwood, 2: Loren Xavier, 3: Lindene Sampson, Str: Angharad Spring, Cch: Damon Stokes & Paula Mckellar


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