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Australian Rowing History

1994 National Rowing Championships–
Junior B Men's Coxed Quad Scull

Final A







Final A

1st St Ignatius’  College - Bow: Paul Williams, 2: Tom Tancred, 3: Damian Boyd, Str: Tim Noonan, Cox: Tim Ogilvie, Cch: Denis Rowe

2nd St Joseph’s College - Bow: Gregory Parker, 2: Benjamin Tull, 3: Anthony Soljic, Str: Nicholas Corbett, Cox: James Storrier, Cch: Mick Rowan

3rd The Hutchins School - Bow: Ben Rex, 2: Tom Shoobridge, 3: Sam Wilson, Str: Campbell Breheny, Cox: Guy Cooper, Cch: Adrian Cuthbertson

4th The Friends School - Bow: Andrew Castley, 2: Sam Rees, 3: Philip Woodward, Str: Chris Fox, Cox: Jarrod Hill, Cch: Roger Drummond

5th Adelaide - Bow: Brant Oxlade, 2: Mike Battersby, 3: Adrian Dallenogare, Str: Andrew Corones, Cox: Hannah Schunker, Cch: Barnaby Eaton

6th Mosman - Bow: Anthony Welsh, 2: Alex Koch, 3: Andrew Keeling, Str: Toby Dale, Cox: Sarah King, Cch: Barclay Wade


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