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Australian Rowing History

1993 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Women's Coxless Four

Final A






Final A

1st AIS- QUBC/Corio Bay - Bow: Claire Wookey, 2: Nikola McGrath, 3: Annie McDonnell, Str: Carla Lawrie, Cch: Paul Thompson & Pam Westendorf

2nd  Uni of NSW/SUBC - Bow: Sara Jinga, 2: Bronwyn Opferkuch, 3: Emma O’Connor, Str: Alex Clark, Cch: Guy Meldrum & Murray Clarke

3rd Corio Bay/Yarra Yarra - Bow: Sarah Murray, 2: Linda Skidmore, 3: Fioran Bourke, Str: Shelley Johnston, Cch: Robert Kemp

4th AIS- Toowong/UTS/MUBC - Bow: Sarah Lachal, 2: Sarah Coconis, 3: Joanna Hawker, Str: Esther Palmer Cch: Steve Evans

5th AUBC - Bow: Toni Williamson, 2: Bridget Alfred, 3: Carol Roediger, Str: Liz Lynch, Cch: David Belcher  


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