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Australian Rowing History

1993 National Rowing Championships–
Junior Men's Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st Aust Nat Inst - Bow: Daniel Collingwood, 2: Darren Thorpe, 3: Barnaby French, Str: Dusko Petrovic, Cox: Rachel Johns, Cch: Barb Gillett

2nd Banks - Bow: Justin Blackburn, 2: Simon Mitchell, 3: Ashley Paice, Str: Alastair Isherwood, Cox: Glen Misey, Cch: Colin Rawson

3rd Mercantile - Bow: Duncan Munro, 2: Guy Begley, 3: Andrew Berman, Str: George Patterson, Cox: Ashley Warmbrand Cch: Peter Shakespeare

4th Perth - Bow: Gavin Pascoe, 2: Thomas Walsh, 3: Chris Ratajczak, Str: Tristan Pascall, Cox: Claire Woolfitt, Cch: Nick Garratt

5th GPS/Toowong - Bow: Justin Voller, 2: Scott Bender, 3: Scott Simpson, Str: Glen Mill, Cox: Shaun Stephens, Cch: Lloyd Taylor


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