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Australian Rowing History

1993 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st VIS-Mercantile/Banks - Bow: Anthony Ellis, 2: Richard Shenfield, 3: Duncan Ashby, Str: Brad Kerr, Cox: Bill Webster, Cch: Steve Spurling

2nd Toowong/GPS - Bow: Chris Auld, 2: Randall Martin, 3: Andrew Moore, Str: Toby Roberts, Cox: Scott Tibbetts, Cch: John Rynne & Ray Smith

3rd UTS Haberfield - Bow: John Tutty, 2: Paul Francis, 3: James Stewart, Str: Geoff Stewart, Cox: Emma Burton

4th Sydney - Bow: Sandy Maxwell, 2: Nick Wainman, 3: Chris Smith, Str: Richard Wearne, Cox: Simon Wilson, Cch: Piak Moses

5th AUBC/Adelaide - Bow: Doug Williams, 2: Tom Lunn, 3: David Low, Str: Lukas Hirst, Cox: Ashley Rundle, Cch: Mark Mcinerney

6th Mosman - Bow: Mark Johnston, 2: Angus Allen, 3: Jamie Wickham, Str: Mark Salvage, Cox: Carla Philipp, Cch: Terry O’hanlon & A. Cox


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