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Australian Rowing History

1992 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolgirls Coxed Four

Final A






Final A

1st    Geelong College - Bow: Anna Spurling, 2: Sally Farrow, 3: Katrina Wieland, Str: Foran Bourke, Cox: Sophie Fisher, Cch: Alan Darker

2nd    Geelong Grammar - Bow: Paula Koefoed, 2: Angie Holbeck, 3: Sarah Guise, Str: Jo Hawker, Cox: Josie Toward, Cch: Eric Vahl Meyer

3rd    STAGGS - Bow: April Simpson, 2: Amy Escott, 3: Alison Whatley, Str: Johann Ollquist, Cox: Kate Nancarrow, Cch: J. Embling

4th    Walford - Bow: Sally Haynes, 2: Noni Cadd, 3: Kate Muechke, Str: Lynda Franks, Cox: Samantha Kean, Cch: Geoff Perry, Alison Smith

5th    St Hildas - Bow: Marine Finlayson, 2: Kate Mann, 3: Emma Gaunt, Str: Emily Stewart, Cox: Jane Cox, Cch: Kaye Crawford


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