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Australian Rowing History

1992 National Rowing Championships–
Senior B Men's Coxed Four

Final A







Final A

1st    Commercial/UQBC/Toowong - Bow: Jeff Howell (Comm), 2: Steven Kearney (Toow), 3: David Hobart (UQBC), Str: Michael Davies (Comm), Cox: Craig Gough, Cch: Ray Smith

2nd    AUBC/Torrens - Bow: Ed Lyons, 2: William Thompson, 3: Matthew Hooper, Str: Scott Blood (TRC), Cox: Miranda Murphy, Cch: Robert Rowlands

3rd    Sydney - Bow: Chris Smith, 2: Matthew Cordney, 3: Richard Roach, Str: Eric Moore, Cox: Michael Rasmussen, Cch: Michael Morgan

4th    Mercantile/Power House - Bow: Andrew Hutton (P/H), 2: Malcolm Shippen, 3: Peter Findley, Str: James Howden, Cox: Bret Hayman, Cch: Graeme Boykett

5th    GPSOB/Toowong - Bow: Chris Auld, 2: Randell Martin, 3: Andrew Moore, Str: Toby Roberts, Cox: Mathew Lawson, Cch: Lloyd Taylor, john Rynne

6th    North Esk/Lindisfarne - Bow: Jason Wallon (NthEsk), 2: Joe McKibben (Lindis), 3: Ray Spriggs (Lindis), Str: Jason Berry, Cox: Troy Speed (Lindis), Cch: Ron Woods


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