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Australian Rowing History

2012 National Rowing Championships–
Under 19 Women's Eight

Final A







Final A

1st Sydney University Composite - Bow: Samantha Sheehan [BGPS], 2: Rachel Haines [BGPS], 3: Kiri Tontodonati [UTS], 4: Nicola Metcalfe [SUBC], 5: India Evans [SUBC], 6: Jacinta Edmunds [COMM], 7: Sarah Zillmann [BGPS], Str: Holly Lawrence [SUBC], Cox: Sally Mills [UQBC], Cch: Gonzalo Briones, Ellen Randell, Susan Shakespear

2nd Pymble Ladies - Bow: Phoebe Donovan, 2: Serena Cox, 3: Anabelle Honner, 4: Alexandra Cropley, 5: Josie McCutcheon, 6: Genevieve Horton, 7: Georgia Pryce, Str: Madeleine Wallace, Cox: Grace Ellis, Cch: Gillian Campbell, Mark Campbell

3rd Mosman Composite - Bow: Louisa Zaininger [QUEEN], 2: Rosie Jeavons-Fellows [QUEEN], 3: Jacqueline Morby [QUEEN], 4: Isabella Wells [MOSM], 5: Jessie Allen [UTS], 6: Lucy Lillas [QUEEN], 7: Lucy James [QUEEN], Str: Georgina Gotch [MOSM], Cox: Meagan Powell [QUEEN], Cch: Richard Coakley, Adam de Koning, Alfie Young

4th Perth College - Bow: Isobel Sewell, 2: Laurina Fitzpatrick, 3: Penelope Teudt, 4: Jade Gittos, 5: Adrienne Coombes, 6: Caitlin MacPhail, 7: Sophie Dunning, Str: Ilse Sibma, Cox: Riley Buchanan, Cch: Chris Hayes, Mark James

5th Presbyterian Ladies - Perth - Bow: Katherine Baronie Shaw, 2: Sophie Clyne, 3: Ellen Kennedy, 4: Hannah Bougher, 5: Andie Sones, 6: Rebecca Duke, 7: Jessamy Burton, Str: Emily Mantle, Cox: Elinor Scott, Cch: David Milne, Jessie O'Mahony

6th Seymour - Bow: Maddie Hood, 2: Isabel Martin, 3: Liv Fauser, 4: Ali Frost, 5: Sophie Pittman, 6: Charli Griffin, 7: Tori Barry, Str: Sophie Van de Ven, Cox: Jessie Mashado, Cch: Owen Girardi, Tricia King


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