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Australian Rowing History

2009 National Rowing Championships–
Schoolboys Coxed Quad Scull

Final C




Final B







Final A







Final C

1st Redlands - Bow: Cameron McKnight, 2: Tom West, 3: Chris Shearman, Str: James Talbot, Cox: Christopher Nelson, Cch: James Hammond

2nd St Virgils - Bow: Mitchell Fisher, 2: Alex White, 3: Gareth Hughes, Str: Jack Pears, Cox: Nathan Batge, Cch: Graeme Pears

3rd Melbourne HS - Bow: Scott Percival, 2: James Smoley, 3: Alexander Meachem, Str: Scott Gigante, Cox: Sanjan Srivelan, Cch: James Guthrie

Final B

1st Friends - Bow: Robert Flecker, 2: Richard Ballard, 3: Samuel Volker, Str: Lachlan Stewart, Cox: Callum Bilsborough, Cch: Samuel Rees

2nd Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Edward McMahon, 2: Christian Moore, 3: Jonathan Waugh, Str: Brandon Brown, Cox: Oliver Kleyn, Cch: Gordon Cameron

3rd Cranbrook - Bow: Jacques David, 2: James Stevens, 3: Anthony Cowper, Str: Arthur Rothery, Cox: Charles Middleton, Cch: Sam Carroll

4th Grafton High - Bow: Nathan Sneesby, 2: Cameron Kitcher, 3: Adam Spies, Str: Oliver Couch, Cox: Timothy Riddell, Cch: Colin Lang, Andrew Tarrant

5th Grammar - Bow: Reuben Inglis, 2: Harry Woods, 3: Nicholas Pitt, Str: Samuel Roache, Cox: Benjamin Cook, Cch: Mark Wilson

6th Melbourne HS - Bow: Nicholas Harrinton-Johnson, 2: Nicholas Ampt, 3: Scott Norman, Str: Geordie Biss, Cox: Ayeed Ahsan 

Final A

1st CGS - Bow: Daniel Del Rio, 2: Joshua Bruce, 3: Angus Moore, Str: Mathew Barnier, Cox: Nicholas Purnell, Cch: Jaime Fernandez, Jason Cain

2nd Newcastle Grammar - Bow: Tristan Barrie, 2: Matthew Filmer, 3: Steven Carroll, Str: Jonathan Hiley, Cox: Emily Matheson, Cch: Gordon Cameron

3rd Gippsland Grammar - Bow: Jackson Harrison, 2: Tom SellinGS, 3: James Gray, Str: Stephen Johnston, Cox: Tom Connolly, Cch: Frank Stone

4th Scotch College - Bow: Harrison Phillips, 2: Tom Auty, 3: Lachlan Kennedy, Str: Andrew White, Cox: Stuart Sim

5th Melbourne HS - Bow: Rhys Cranney, 2: Jamie Cahill, 3: Andrew Curnow, Str: Andrew Hislop, Cox: Daniel Maydelman

6th Cathedral - Bow: Samuel Dawes, 2: Henry Smith, 3: Jacob Connor, Str: Joshua Pollock, Cox: Rohan Hayes, Cch: Stephan Muhlenberg


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