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1954 APS Head of the River

Geelong Grammar continues their good fortune with a sound win over Melbourne Grammar. The weather for the eighty-seventh Head of the River was good with warm sunshine and a 30,000 crowd.

There were a number of issues for the big race. Firstly, Xavier's rudder was damaged upon launching and required replacement. Xavier were then blown against the bank in the strong southerly and had to be moved into position by officials.

Melbourne got the best of the start but Geelong and Xavier soon passed Melbourne and the race was to settled between these two crews. The middle part of the race was even between these two crews. But from the mill, Geelong drew away.


Head of the River

Time: 5:02.0
Margins: 1 length and 3/4 length

Loser final:
Time: 4:55.0
Margins: 1 1/2 length and 1 length

1st Geelong Grammar - Bow: Ian C Kininmonth, 2: Andrew F Chirnside, 3: David R Clutter, 4: John B Sutherland, 5: Peter W Coy, 6: G F Collison, 7: Robin B Ritchie, Str: Ian G Urquhart, Cox: John F Mann, Cch: Roger M Blomfield
2nd Melbourne Grammar - Bow: C W Grant, 2: B S Paul, 3: W R Riche, 4: H Wallace-Mitchell, 5: J B Ward, 6: J N Bryson, 7: J W Michie, Str: J C Grimwade, Cox: G E Hazard, Cch: Roger G Day
3rd Xavier College - Bow: M J Eather, 2: J A Feely, 3: D B Jones, 4: P J Sullivan, 5: H D Curnow, 6: H W Clark, 7: P R Dowling, Str: Leo R Hart, Cox: G D Reilly, Cchs: Jack J Mulcahy & Fr M J O'Mahony SJ

Losers Final
1st Geelong College - Bow: G G Wills, 2: W W Lawler, 3: J O Saxton, 4: W A W Wood, 5: G J Davidson, 6: I W Macmillan, 7:B S Kinder, Str: A W McDonald, Cox: Roger L Moore, Cch: Albert B Bell
2nd Wesley College
- Bow: M J Lee, 2: B R G McKeown, 3: I P Rockman, 4: D I Allen, 5: T H Jackett, 6: P J Guest, 7: M H J Higgs, Str: J W Frederick, Cox: L Castles, Cch: Alan W Mitchell
3rd Scotch College - Bow: David M Bruce, 2: Nigel E C Cooper, 3: Robert J O'Neill, 4: Alfred J McKelvie, 5: Michael J Edgar, 6: David H Munro, 7: Alasdair M W Courtney, Str: James D Moran, Cox: Graeme D Lawrence, Cch: Laurence H Christie

Scotch College
Photo: The Scotch Collegian June 1954

Heat results:
1st XC, 2nd GC, Time: 4:44.0, Margin: 1 length
1st MGS, 2nd SC, Time: 4:56.0, Margin: 1/2 length
1st GGS, 2nd WC, Time: 4:44.0, Margin: 1/2 length

Second Crews

Time: 2:27
Margins: 3/4 length and 1 length

Losers final
Time: 2:33Margins: 1/2 length and 1/2 length

1st Geelong College
2nd Geelong Grammar
Xavier College - Bow: R Flynn, 2: M McEniry, 3: N Regan, 4: P Darling, 5: W Greville, 6: B Mahoney, 7: W Galbraith, Str: M Henderson, Cox: J Andre, Cch: G Elias

Losers final:
1st Melbourne Grammar
2nd Scotch College - Bow: A Kirsner, 2: A R Fraser, 3: D J MacDonald, 4: D L Bardas, 5: D K Sennitt, 6: Graeme A McCall, 7: W D Leslie, Str: G T Tilley, Cox: K S Kasper, Cch: M R Wood
3rd Wesley College

E1: 1st XC, 2nd WC, Time: 2:30
E2: 1st GGS, 2nd MGS, Time: 2:27.6
E3: 1st GC, 2nd SC, Time: 2:27

Third Crews

Time: 2:33,2
Margins: 1 length and a canvas

Losers final:
Time: 2:33.5
Margins: dead heat and 1/3 length

1st Melbourne Grammar
2nd Geelong Grammar
3rd Wesley College

Losers final
= 1st Xavier College
= 1st Geelong College
3rd Scotch College
- Bow: Robert E Lee, 2: G A Hall, 3: W S Tingate, 4: M H Munro, 5: J G P Ham, 6: Ian R A Law, 7: W V Waddell, Str: P G Russell, Cox: R B Beveridge, Cch: D F McLeish

E1: 1st MGS, 2nd GC, Time: 2:30
E2: 1st WC, 2nd SC, Time: 2:33
E3: 1st GGS, 2nd SC, Time: 2:31

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