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1946 APS Head of the River

The seventy-ninth Head of the River returned to the Upper Yarra with Scotch winning by a narrow margin from Geelong College.

Cahrlie Saleh from Geelong College fame coached the Scotch crew for the first time and the Xavier crew was stroked by Clive Bailey who was to coach the Xavierian crews in later years. Brian Doyle was bow in the Xavier crew as a 15 year old. Brian went onto stroke a winning Xavier crew in 1948, stroke an Australian eight to a bronze medal at the Olympic Games and also coach future Xavier crews.

Also coxing the Wesley second crew was Bob Duncan who went onto to be the starter the Head of the River from 1961 until his retirement in 2000.

The third crews joined the Head of the River regatta this year.

Index to Results:



APS Committee: E M Davidson (Hon Secretary)

On the Yarra

Starter: H J Green

Umpires: Edward Kenny, J L Mounsey

Judge: H T James

Timekeeper (Junior races): J Blake


On the Barwon

Starter: H Markin

Umpire: L Storrer

Timekeeper: H Stott

Despatch Steward: P Coleman

Judges: Lewis Hirst, T S Barnfather

Head of the River

Distance: 1 mile less 66 yards

Time: 4:47.4
Margins: 2 feet and 1 1/2 lengths

1st Scotch College - Bow: Neil F Daniel, 2: Barrie White, 3: John D Moir, 4: A Don Jackson, 5: Othesia Xeros, 6: John S Galbraith, 7: C Peter Roberts, Str: William G Phillip Cox: Malcolm D G Murray, Cch: Charles G Saleh
2nd Geelong College - Bow: J A Hooper, 2: T R Sutterby, 3: R C Morris, 4: Donald R T Macmillan, 5: H J Spalding, 6: K J Morton, 7: R M Wagstaff, Str: N L Barrett, Cox: D R Salmon, Cch: Albert B Bell
3rd Melbourne Grammar - Bow: K R Lowenstern, 2: C R Machin, 3: W Q C Cain, 4: D O Bowden, 5: M A Watt, 6: R B Gutteridge, 7: H I Prince, Str: P M Johansen, Cox: Gordon Sargood, Cch: Walter E "Wally" Ricketts

Losers final:
Geelong Grammar - Bow: P J Kennison, 2: J S Goodwin, 3: G T Kryger, 4: O McK Coltman, 5: P G F Henderson, 6: S M McNaughton, 7: F M Davison, Str: R S de Fegely, Cox: C V T Bowen, Cch: John E L Barber
2nd Xavier College - Bow: Brian J Doyle, 2: B G Fitzpatrick, 3: P F Bladin, 4: M F Kirsch, 5: T J Bushell, 6: D H Richardson, 7: G T Awburn, Str: Clive F Bailey, Cox: J W Sexton, Cch: Albert Anderson
Wesley College
- Bow: D R Kennedy, 2: W B Crothers, 3: H L Williams, 4: D O Oldfield, 5: E C Wood, 6: J D Kidd, 7: R P E Whiteside, Str: R B Selleck, Cox: J H Fielden, Cch: Alan W Mitchell

Heat results:
1st SC, 2nd XC, Time 4:49.8 (course record), Margin: 3 1/2 lengths
1st GC, 2nd GGS, Time: 4:51.6, Margin: 1 1/2 lengths
1st MGS, 2nd WC, Time: 5:02.0, Margin: 2 lengths

Second Crews

Diostance: 0.5 mile

Time: 2:19.8
Margins: 1/3 length and 1 1/4 length

Losers final:
Time: 2:17.4
Margins: 1/2 length and 1 length

1st Scotch College
2nd Geelong Grammar
3rd Melbourne Grammar

Losers final
1st Wesley College - Bow: L W Knight, 2: R J Taylor, 3: J S Woodhouse, 4: S F Muir-Smith, 5: D C Macglashan, 6: E J Wagstaff, 7: K Govett, Str: G A Carbines, Cox: Robert B Duncan
2nd Geelong College
3rd Xavier College
- Bow: J Booth, 2: A Horgan, 3: A Lewis, 4: P McNamara, 5: K Owen, 6: D Fogarty, 7: K Silk, Str: S Byrne, Cox: J McCooey, Cch: Jack Coghlan

E1: 1st SC, 2nd WC, Time: 2:18.4, Margins: 2 1/2 lengths
E2: 1st MGS, 2nd XC Time: 2:25.4, Margin: 1 length
E3: 1st GGS, 2nd GC

Wesley College Second Crew


Third Crews

Distance: 700 yards

Time: 1:30.0
Margins: 3 feet and 3 feet

1st Wesley College
2nd Scotch College
3rd Geelong Grammar

Losers final
1st Geelong College
2nd Melbourne Grammar
3rd Xavier College

E1: 1st GGS, 2nd GC
E2: 1st SC, 2nd MGS
E3: 1st WC, 2nd XC

Fourth Crews

(These races were conducted on the Barwon for the Geelong crews and on the Upper Yarra for the Melbourne crews. The Geelong and Melbourne crews did not race each other nor did they race on the finals day.)

Distance 5-600 yards
Time: not known
Margins: not known

Time: 2:03.8
Margin: not known

Melbourne Crews
1st Melbourne Grammar
2nd Scotch College
3rd Xavier College

Geelong crews
1st Geelong Grammar
2nd Geelong College

Fifth Crews

(This race was conducted amongst Melbourne crews only and raced on 10th April on the Upper Yarra.)

Distance: 0.25 mile

Time: not known

1st Scotch College
2nd Wesley College
3rd Melbourne Grammar

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