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1917 APS Head of the River

This fiftieth Head of the River was a great race for Geelong Grammar. They were 1 1/2 lengths behind at the half mile mark and then went on to win by 2 lengths. It was a run away win of the highest order. Miss Betty Fairbairn presented the Fairbairn Challenge Cup.

The race was conducted on the Upper Yarra. Second crews were again reintroduced but were not raced at the Head of the River regatta.

In a report of the race in The Referee, there was a poignant reminder of the Great War, where so many APS lads fought and died: ‘There was another great gathering on Saturday [the day of the final], with khaki clad old boys very much in the picture.’

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Starter: T Davies

Umpire: T Crossthwaite

Judge: Edwrad Kenny

Clerk of Scales: C S Wood


The final of the Head of the River in 1917


Head of the River

Time: 5:52.2
Margins: 2 lengths & 3/4 lengths

1st Geelong Grammar - Bow: H A B Dixon, 2: F R S Mawson, 3: D A White, 4: P C Ferguson, 5: G J Pardey, 6: E H Webb, 7: J L Jardine, Str: T A S Jackson, Cox: R H H Perry, Cch: E C Curnow
2nd Geelong College - Bow: R C S Webb, 2: W R MacPherson, 3: R N Campbell, 4: I A Campbell, 5: A E A Trimm, 6: E G M Riggall, 7: T B Hawkes, Str: W E Macmillan, Cox: C C Bell, Cch: H J Young
3rd Wesley College
- Bow: K H Hadley, 2: J H Lockwood, 3: J F Williams, 4: G A A Dennert, 5: A P Reynoldson, 6: H S Thomas, 7: C M Bowring, Str: E D Barden, Cox: G A Cook, Cch: Charles Donald

WC drew the south station and led well early. GGS then eased past WC but crabbed under Morell Bridge allowing WC back into the race - see picture above. GGS recovered well and soon passed WC around the big bend as did GC. The two Geelong crews fought out the race but GC caught a crab 70 yards from home enabling GGS to be easy winners by two lengths.

Other crews competing were:
Scotch College - Bow: Charles C Login, 2: George W Whatmore, 3: James D Cruickshank, 4: Cecil N McKay, 5: Frederick L Edmunds, 6: George M Dallimore, 7: James R Shaw, Str: William N Scott, Cox: Keith A Morrison, Cch: Dr Clive H Disher (Two days prior to the race, the two man Tom McKay fell ill and was replaced by the stroke of the seconds George Whatmore.)
Xavier College - Bow: T King, 2: D Markey, 3: P George, 4: F Kelly, 5: A Gorman, 6: J Acton, 7: D Scanlan, Str: J San Miguel, Cox: G Ruscombe Poole, Cch: David Ross
Melbourne Grammar - Bow: A C Fleetwood, 2: G O Higgins, 3: M Y Withers, 4: I H Tuckett, 5: F J Mackay, 6: R Weir, 7: J A Campbell, Str: H A White, Cox: H T Yencken, Cch: James M McFarlane

E1: 1st GGS, 2nd SC, Time: 5:59.0, Margin: 3 lengths in the fasterst heat.
E2: 1st GC, 2nd XC. Time: 5:53.2, Margin: Comfortably won by GC by 2 1/2 lengths.
E3: 1st WC, 2nd MGS. Time: 5:48.0, Margin: Canvas. A close race throughout with WC winning by barely a canvas.

The Geelong Grammar Crew

Back row: F R S Mawson, P C Ferguson, G J Pardy, D A White, H A B Dixon
Front row: J L Jardine, T A S Jackson, E H Webb
In front: R R H Perry

Second Crews

(Not conducted at the Head of the River regatta but the week before on 5th May.)

Time: NTT
Margin: 1/2 length

1st Melbourne Grammar
2nd Wesley College
3rd Scotch College
4th Xavier College

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