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1905 Head of the River

The thirty-eighth Head of the River was conducted on the Upper Yarra with a two crew final. The final was a tight race with Wesley prevailing by only a canvas. The heats were condicted on 13th October with the finals the next day on 14th October.



Head of the River

Time: NTT
Margin: One canvas

1st Wesley College - Bow: G J Dawes, 2: H Buley, 3: C C Halkyard, 4: E M L Morgan, 5: F R Du Bourg, 6: Frank Aurley Henry Boynton, 7: N D Murdoch, Str: A G Greenham, Cox: F C Wittmann, Cch: Charles Donald
2nd Melbourne Grammar - Bow: L W Officer, 2: G Ross-Soden, 3: C G Emery, 4: D J Rand, 5: F E Dossetor, 6: Edward Rae Cordner, 7: Harry Ross-Soden, Str: Simon Fraser, Cox: K McWhae

Other crews competing:
Geelong Grammar - Bow: A F S Dobson, 2: J E Roe, 3: J Manifold, 4: N Davison, 5: G H Patterson, 6: C P Cooke, 7: J Bell, Str: J H Lindon, Cox: W H Manifold, Cch: A F Garrard
Scotch College - Bow: George H A Tickell, 2: Lionel R Morgan, 3: Arthur D Thomas, 4: William G Davies, 5: Geroge G Anderson, 6: Francis P Brown, 7: Charles W B Littlejohn, Str: Norman C Harris, Cox: Albert Wickham, cch: Alexander B Sloan

E1: 1st MGS, 2nd GGS. Time: 5:39.0. Martgin 1 foot
E2: 1st WC, 2nd SC. Time 5:45.0. Margin: 1 1/4 lengths

1905 Wesley College

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