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Rowing Victoria

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Rowing in a young Victoria
  3. Formation of the Association
  4. Growth of the Sport 1876-1889
  5. Years of great success 1890-1899
  6. The rise of Henley on the Yarra 1900-1909
  7. The War Years 1910-1919
  8. Women's rowing and the modern era 1920-1929
  9. The Depression years 1930-1939
  10. War and rebuilding 1940-1949
  11. Expansion years 1950-1959
  12. The search for international success 1960-1969
  13. Combining the Associations and lightweight success 1970-1979
  14. The new national program 1980-1989
  15. Golden years 1990-1999
  16. Professionalism 2000-2009
  17. Yet More Growth 2010-2019


  1. Life Membership and other important awards
  2. Patrons and Presidents
  3. Office Bearers
  4. Clubs and their histories
  5. The Oarsmen's Centotaph and WWI Roll of Honour
  6. WWII Roll of Honour
  7. Premierships
  8. State Championships
  9. Hall of Fame Inductees
  10. Victorian Olympians
  11. International representation
  12. Intercolonial and Interstate Racing
  13. School rowing
  14. University rowing
  15. Personalities of the sport

Appendix 15. Personalities of the sport

The following people have made a significant contribution to our sport and are worthy of mention in the Rowing Victoria history. They include all members of the Rowing Victoria Hall of Fame.

Surname A

Michael Aikman, MUBC

Edward R Ainley, Yarra Yarra

Phillip Ainsworth, Mercantile

Martin Aitken, Mercantile

Robert Aitken, Mercantile

Peter Antonie, MUBC

John Arthur, Warehousemen

Surname B

Graham Barns, Mercantile

Charles Bartlett, MUBC

Debbie Bassett, Bendigo/MUBC

Malcolm Batten, Mercantile

Kath Bennett, YWCA

Jon Berney, Barwon

Valmai Bertrand, Nestles

Arthur R Blackwood

Eliza Blair, MUBC

Robert D Booth,Melbourne

David Boykett, Mercantile

Graeme Boykett, Mercantile

J William Bradshaw, Mercantile

Surname C

Marina Cade, MUBC

Norman Cairnes, Mercantile

Arthur Cambridge, Bendigo

James Cazaly, Ballarat/Warehousemen/ Melbourne

Alex Chamley, Albert Park

Sue Chapman-Popa, MUBC

Fleur Chew, Mercantile

Sir William Clarke

G Coates, Elswick

Thomas Colles, MUBC/Civil Service

David Colvin, Mercantile

Andrew Cooper, Mercantile

Ken Cusworth, Banks

Surname D

Tom Daffy, Mercantile

Brian Dalton, Albert Park/Sth Melb

Terry Davies, Banks

Jason Day, Bendigo

David Deeble, Hawthorn

Brian Digby, Barwon

Clive Disher, MUBC

Ben Dodwell, Mercantile

Charles Donald, Wendouree/Albert Park

James Donald, Wendouree/Albert Park

Noel Donaldson, Mercantile

Marc Douez, MUBC

David Douglas, Mercantile

Ian Douglas, Banks

Brian Doyle, Mercantile

David Doyle, Mercantile

Mark Doyle, Mercantile

Robert Duncan, Albert Park South Melbourne

Surname E

Anthony Edwards, Wendouree-Ballarat

James Edwards

Stewart Elder, Hawthorn/Albert Park

David England, MUBC

Hannah Every-Hall, Banks

Surname F

Sir George Fairbairn,Melbourne

Stephen Fairbairn, MUBC & Melb

Barbara Fenner, MUBC

Margot Foster, MUBC

Pauline Frasca, Mercantile

Deirdre Fraser, Bendigo/MUBC

Hubert Frederico, Mercantile

Kay Fry, MUBC

Surname G

Phil Gardiner, Barwon/MUBC

Richard Garrard, Mercantile/Corio Bay

Simon Gillett, MUBC

Stephen Gillon, Mercantile

Drew Ginn, Mercantile

Herbert J Green

Nick Green, MUBC

W M Greenland, Melbourne

Paul Guest, Banks

Gary Gullock, Wendouree-Ballarat

Surname H

John Harry, MUBC/Mercs

Dennis Hatcher, Mercantile

John Hawkins, Mercantile

Brett Hayman, Mercantile

Sarah Heard, MUBC

H Neil Hewitt, Mercantile

Sir Joseph Hood, MUBC/Richmond/Melbourne

Seventh Earl of Hopetoun

Kate Hornsey, Mercantile

James Howden, MUBC

Neville Howell, Banks

Surname I

Prof Martin Irving, MUBC

Alastair Isherwood, Mercantile

Surname J

Alan Jacobsen, Banks

Campbell Johnston, MUBC

John Jopling, Wendouree

Justine Joyce, Hawthorn/Yarra/Banks

Rebecca Joyce, Mercantile

Caroline Judd, YWCA

Surname K

Ted Kenny, Mercantile

Surname L

May Laird

Walter Lambert, Richmond

John Lang, MUBC

Susan Lee, Mercantile

Charles Lehman, Banks

Charles Littlejohn, MUBC

Matthew Long, Mercantile

Lewis Luxton, Melb Grammar

Surname M

Graeme McCall, Mercantile

Lyall McCarthy, Mercantile

Michael McKay, Mercantile

Reg McKay, Footscray City

Margaret Mackenzie, YWCA

Adrian Maginn, MUBC

Garth Manton, Mercantile

Emily Martin, Wendouree Ballarat

T Meyer, Elswick

Andrew Michelmore, MUBC

Henry Mitchell, Richmond

James Mitchell, Richmond

Robert Mitchell, Richmond

Adrian Monger, MUBC

Robert C Morell OAM, Corio Bay

Sir Stephen Morell, Mercantile

Surname N

Sally Ninham, MUBC

Chris O’Brien, Ballarat/MUBC

David Ochert, Banks

W M Orr, Melbourne

Surname P

David Palfreyman, Mercantile

Susie Palfreyman, MUBC

Elizabeth Patrick, MUBC

Sam Patten, Mercantile

Peter Philp, Mercantile/MUBC

Jess Pinkerton, Essendon

Ion Popa, Banks

Ian Porter, Mercantile

Surname Q

Surname R

David Ramage, Corio Bay

Paul Reedy, MUBC

Geoff Rees, MUBC

Robert Richards, Wendouree-Ballarat

Brian Richardson, Mercantile

Rosemary Richardson, Richmond

Malcolm Robertson, Mercantile

Jane Robinson, Melbourne

Harry Ross Soden, MUBC

Matthew Russell, Wendouree Ballarat

Christian Ryan, MUBC

Surname S

Robyn Selby Smith, Mercantile

Arthur Shepherd, Banks/Essendon

Alex B Sloan, Mercantile

Colin Smith, MUBC

Tim Smith, MUBC

Sydney Smith, Elswick

Stephen Spurling, MUBC

Dushan Stankovich, Banks

Justice Sir Hayden Starke

Rod Stewart, Mercantile

Jess Stockman, Essendon

Jeff Sykes, Corio Bay

Surname T

Bill Tait, Mercantile

Sarah Tait, Mercantile

Rachael Taylor, Ballarat City/MUBC/Power House

Lachlan Thompson, Richmond

Ray Todd, Wendouree

Martin Tomanovits, Mercantile

James Tomkins, Mercantile

Gayle Toogood, MUBC

Gyles Turner, Banks

Surname U

George Upward, Corio Bay/Civil Service

Surname V

Brian Vear, Banks

Surname W

Eric Waller, Wendouree Ballarat

William Waterfield, Melbourne

Jack Webster, South Melbourne

Pam Westendorf, Dimboola/MUBC

Leeanne Whitehouse, Dimboola/MUBC

Noel Wilkinson, Banks

Sir Hartley Williams

Michael S Williams, Mercantile

Henry Woolnough, Elswick

Tim Wright, Wendouree/Ballarat

Surname X

Surname Y

David Yates, MUBC

Surname Z


Surnames starting with:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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