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Rowing Victoria

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Rowing in a young Victoria
  3. Formation of the Association
  4. Growth of the Sport 1876-1889
  5. Years of great success 1890-1899
  6. The rise of Henley on the Yarra 1900-1909
  7. The War Years 1910-1919
  8. Women's rowing and the modern era 1920-1929
  9. The Depression years 1930-1939
  10. War and rebuilding 1940-1949
  11. Expansion years 1950-1959
  12. The search for international success 1960-1969
  13. Combining the Associations and lightweight success 1970-1979
  14. The new national program 1980-1989
  15. Golden years 1990-1999
  16. Professionalism 2000-2009
  17. Yet More Growth 2010-2019


  1. Life Membership and other important awards
  2. Patrons and Presidents
  3. Office Bearers
  4. Clubs and their histories
  5. The Oarsmen's Centotaph and WWI Roll of Honour
  6. WWII Roll of Honour
  7. Premierships
  8. State Championships
  9. Hall of Fame Inductees
  10. Victorian Olympians
  11. International representation
  12. Intercolonial and Interstate Racing
  13. School rowing
  14. University rowing
  15. Personalities of the sport

Appendix 14 - University Rowing

University Rowing has always been a key element of Victorian Rowing. The oldest continuously operating rowing club in Australia is Melbourne University Boat Club, the first race between universities took place in 1870 and a strong Melbourne University College Boat Race has been conducted since 1881.

In more recent years, other universities have ben created in Victoria and they have also taken up the sport.

Full details of Victorian representation in theAustralian Universities Championshipscan be found at this link.

In recent times, the Australian Boat Race has commenced between Sydney and Melbourne Universities. Details of this event is planned for this site.

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