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Olympic and Paralympic Games—Rio de Janeiro 2016

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The 2015 World Championships were again the primary qualification event for the Olympic Games with the secondary qualification event being the Lucerne Qualification Regatta in late May 2016.

Australia placed a great deal of effort and resources in qualifying crews in 2015 however did not qualify any lightweights or women's sweep crews.

The crews sent in 2016 to qualify for the Games at the final qualification regatta were:

Women’s Coxed Eight
Fiona Albert (VIC), Charlotte Sutherland (VIC), Alexandra Hagan (WA), Jessica Morrison (VIC), Olympia Aldersey (SA), Lucy Stephan (VIC), Molly Goodman (SA), Meaghan Volker (TAS), Cox: Sarah Banting (VIC)

Women's Lightweight Double Scull
Hannah Every-Hall (QLD), Georgia Nesbitt (TAS), Coach: Ellen Randell (NSW)

Men's Eight
Joshua Hicks (WA), Fergus Pragnell (NSW), James Chapman (NSW), Nicholas Purnell (NSW), Timothy Masters (VIC), James Medway (NSW), Charles Risbey (VIC), Scott Laidler (QLD), Cox: Stuart Sim (VIC) Coach: Simon Cox

The only boat to qualify in 2016 was the men's single scull of Rhys Grant.

This was a great disappointment for Australia not having lightweights, women's sweep or eights competing at these Games. Specifically it the first time since the 1948 Olympic Games, Australia did not qualify an eight for these Games.

Despite this disappointment, the quality of the crews qualified was good.

Then the Russian drug scandal arose. The international athletics federation banned the Russian athletics team. WADA uncovered State sponsored drug testing violations and the IOC acted to protect clean athletes and set strict entry guidelines for Russian athletes. The FISA Executive Committee, due to the manipulation of the Moscow Laboratory tests, has determined to their comfortable satisfaction that only six entered Russian rowers have met the criteria of having been tested reliably and adequately in international tests.

The effect of this decision was that Russia had six remaining eligible rowers - one lightweight and five open weight men - for competition in Rio 2016.
Therefore, four Russian boats (LM4-, LW2x, M8+ and W8+) will be withdrawn from participation in the Games and will be attributed to the next placing crews at the 2016 Final Olympic Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland, as follows:
LM4- to Greece, the Hellenic Rowing Federation
M8+ to the Italian Rowing Federation
W8+ to the Australian Rowing Federation
And in the 2016 European Continental Qualification Regatta in Lucerne, Switzerland, LW2x to the Italian Rowing Federation.

This was a remarkable situation.

Within the Australian team, sadly Jaimie Fernandez (RA) had to withdraw from the team leadership role due to personal issues but was ably replaced by Ray Ebert (QLD), team leader of 2012 Olympic Rowing team.

Australian Team - Olympics

Men's Single Scull

Rhys Grant (WA)
Cchs: Rhett Ayliffe (WA)

Men's Double Scull

Bow: David Watts (WA)
Str: Chris Morgan (SA)
Cch: Rhett Ayliffe (WA)

Men's Quad Scull

Bow: Karsten Forsterling (VIC)
2: Alexander Belonogoff (NSW)
3: Cameron Girdlestone (NSW)
Str: James McRae (SA)
Cch: John Driessen (TAS)

Men's Pair

Bow: Spencer Turrin (NSW)
Str: Alexander Lloyd (NSW)
Cchs: Mark Pratert (NSW) and Chris O'Brien (RA - RBNTC)

Men's Four

Bow: Will Lockwood (VIC)
2: Joshua Dunkley-Smith (VIC)
3: Joshua Booth (VIC)
Str: Alexander Hill (SA)
Cch: Chris O'Brien (RA-RBNTC)

Women's Scull

Kim Brennan (VIC)
Cch: Lyall McCarthy (RA-RBNTC)

Women's Double Scull

Bow: Sally Kehoe (QLD)
Str: Genevieve Horton (NSW)
Cch: Rhett Ayliffe (WA)

Women's Quad Scull

Bow: Jessica Hall (QLD)
2: Kerry Hore (TAS)
3: Jennifer Cleary (VIC)
Str: Madeleine Edmunds (QLD)
Cch: Tom Westgarth (QLD)

Women's Eight

Bow: Fiona Albert (VIC)
2: Jessica Morrison (VIC)
3: Alexandra Hagan (WA)
4: Meaghan Volker (TAS)
5: Molly Goodman (SA)
6: Olympia Aldersey (SA)
7: Lucy Stephan (VIC)
Str: Charlotte Sutherland (VIC)
Cox: Sarah Banting (VIC)

Team Leader: Ray Ebert (QLD)
Head Coach: Chis O'Brien (RA-RBNTC)

Australian Team - Paralympics

Arms Shoulders Men's Scull

Eric Horrie (NSW)
Cch: Jason Baker (NSW)

Trunk and Arms Mixed Double Scull

Bow: Gavin Bellis (VIC)
Str: Katherine Ross (VIC)
Cch: Gordon Marcks (NSW)

Legs Trunk and Arms Mixed Coxed Four

Bow: Davinia Lefroy (WA)
2: Jeremy McGrath Balmain (NSW)
3: Brock Ingram (WA)
Str: Kathleen Murdoch (NSW)
Cox: Josephine Burnand (NSW)
Coach: Tara Huntly (RA-RBNTC)


To follow after racing

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