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Women's Four in South Australia promoting their sponsors

Womens' Four Training


Presentation of bronze medal to women's four

Robyn Grey-Gardiner (SA), Karen Brancourt (NSW), Susan Chapman (VIC), Margot Foster (VIC),Susan Lee (VIC)

Women's Four celebrating

Sue Chapman, Margot Foster, Susan Lee, Karen Brancourt, Robyn Gret-Gardiner

Margot Foster, Robyn Grey-Gardiner and Karen Brancourt celebrating

Men's Eight Training

Craig Muller (NSW), Clyde Hefer (NSW), Sam Patten (VIC), Tim Willoughby (SA), Ian Edmunds (QLD), Jim Battersby (NSW), Ion Popa (VIC), Stephen Evans (NSW), Gavin Threadgold (SA)

Men's Eight Final

Men's Eight presentation of medals


Men's Quad Scull

Paul Reedy, Tim McLaren, Gary Gullock, Tony Lovrich

Men's Quad racing

Men's Quad Presentation

Gary Gullock

Men's Four

David Doyle, James Lowe, Duncan Fisher, John Bentley

Men's Pair

Robert Booth (SA) and Jim Stride (NSW)

Jacqui Marshall in the single


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