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Schoolgirl Eight Summary

The Sydney Cup

The Sydney Cup was donated to Rowing Australia by the NSW Government and was first presented in 2005 by the NSW Minister for Women, The Hon. Ms Sandra Nori. The trophy was engraved with all previous winners since the commencement of the event in 1994.


This event is relatively new but has become a great event from the first race. The competition amongst girls eights is superb.


2006 Champions MLC

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
1994 Walford Anglican School SA           7.43.27
1995 Somerville House Qld           7.06.30
1996 SCEGGS Darlinghurst NSW           7.49.89
1997 Walford Anglican School SA           7.30.89
1998 Geelong Grammar Vic           7.07.36
1999 Friends Tas           6.42.63
2000 Pymble Ladies College NSW           6.51.20
2001 Geelong Grammar Vic           6.30.10
2002 Geelong College, VIC           6.55.63
2003 Pymble Ladies College, NSW           6.42.87
2004 Pymble Ladies College, NSW Somerville House, QLD Geelong College, VIC Carey Grammar, VIC The Friends School, TAS Walford Anglican, SA 7:03.39
2005 Pymble Ladies College, NSW Methodist Ladies No 1, VIC Loreto Kirrabilli, NSW Methodist Ladies No 2, VIC Melbourne Girls Grammar, VIC St Catherines, VIC 6:45.77
2006 Methodist Ladies College, VIC Pymble Ladies College, NSW Geelong College, VIC St Catherines, VIC Melbourne Girls Grammar, VIC Pymble Ladies College, NSW 6:34.97
2007 Methodist Ladies College, VIC Pymble Ladies College. NSW Presbyterian Ladies College, VIC Geelong Grammar School, VIC Wesley College, VIC Melbourne Girls Grammar School, VIC 7:17.91
2008 PLC Sydney (NSW) St Catherine's College (VIC) Pymble Ladies College No. 1 (NSW) Methodist Ladies College No. 2 (VIC) Geelong Grammar School (VIC) Melbourne Girls Grammar No. 2 (VIC) 6:51.32

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