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Men's Under 17 Coxed Quad Scull Summary


This event has been widely used by schools with the increasing use of crewed sculling boats at schools.

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
1997 Lindisfarne TAS           7.31.13
1998 No race            
1999 Lindisfarne TAS           7.59.65
2000 St Ignatius NSW           6.47.60
2001 Brisbane Boys Gram QLD           6.40.65
2002 Rockhampton Gram QLD           7.03.63
2003 Rockhampton Gram QLD           6.48.38
2004 North Esk TAS           6.58.23
2005 Rockhampton / Somerset QLD Mersey TAS Scotch Col No 1 VIC Huon /Sandy Bay TAS Unley High No1 SA Scots NSW 6.47.04
2006 Scotch College, VIC Scotch Oakburn, TAS Canberra Grammar, ACT Canberra Grammar, ACT North Esk, TAS / Bunbury, WA Cathedral School, QLD 6:50:40
2007 The Cathedral School, QLD Swan River / Bunbury / Freemantle / WA Rowing Club, WA Newcastle Grammar, NSW Fremantle, WA Scotch College, VIC Xavier College, VIC 7:08.68

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