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Schoolboy Eight Summary
The Barrington Cup

Barrington Cup

The Barrington Cup

The Barrington Cup

The Barrington Cup was donated by the Tasmanian Rowing Council to the Australian Rowing Council in 1984 to commemorate the first National Championship Regatta at Lake Barrington International rowing course.



Schoolboy eights have been a regular fixture at the Interstate Championships but they were generally neither representative of Australian school crews nor of the nature of a National Championship until 1966.

After 1966 some schoolboy races held in non National Championship years were of the calibre of National Championships such as 1973 when it was a test race for the Junior Championships. This race has been included as a National Championship despite not having that designation.


2006 Champions from The Kings School

Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Time
1964 The Hutchins School, TAS Cranbrook, NSW Southport, QLD       6.38.40
1966 The Hutchins School Tas Kings College, SA         7.39.00
1968 Kings College, SA Christian Brothers College, SA Camberwell High, VIC       5.14.70
1970 Melbourne High School, VIC Sydney High, VIC Guildford Grammar, WA       6.32.10
1972 Aquinas College WA Brisbane Grammar, QLD Brisbane Boys, QLD       No Time

Scotch College Vic
Officially SA School Championships

Aquinas College, WA Hale, WA Bell Park High, VIC     5.11.00
1974 Melbourne Grammar School, VIC St Ignatius, NSW Scotch College, VIC Geelong Grammar, VIC Geelong College, VIC Newington, NSW 6.24.50
1975 Geelong College, VIC Newington, NSW St Ignatius, NSW       4.42.70
1976 Newington College, NSW St Ignatius, NSW Scots College, NSW Canberra Grammar, ACT Sydney Grammar, NSW King's School, NSW 4.33.20
1977 Newington College, NSW Aquinas No 1, WA Wesley, WA Scotch College No 1, WA Cygnet, WA   4.44.60
1978 Scotch College, VIC Newington College No 1, NSW Geelong College, VIC       4.59.48
1979 St Kevin's, VIC Launceston Grammar, TAS Prince Alfred, SA Pembroke, SA St Peters, SA Ballarat Grammar, VIC 4.45.00
1980 Melbourne Grammar, VIC St Kevins, VIC Newington College, NSW Geelong College, VIC Scots College, NSW Xavier College, VIC 6.31.21
1981 Newington College, NSW Kings School, NSW Hutchins School, TAS       5.59.98
1982 King's School No 1, NSW Shore School, NSW Kings No2, NSW Scots College, NSW     4.35.10
1983 Wesley College, VIC Canberra Grammar, ACT Hale School, WA       4.34.50
1984 Wesley College, VIC Caulfield Grammar, VIC Hutchins, TAS Dominic College, TAS Launceston Grammar, TAS Melbourne High, VIC 4.26.40
1985 Shore School, NSW Brighton Grammar, VIC Southport School, QLD Newington College, NSW Geelong Grammar, VIC Kings School, NSW 4.32.40
1986 Shore School, NSW Melbourne High, VIC Southport School, QLD St Josephs, NSW Pembroke, SA Hutchins, TAS 4.28.03
1987 The Southport School Qld           4.33.86
1988 Geelong Grammar Vic           4.16.08
1989 No Race Held            
1990 Newington College NSW           7.30.77
1991 Newington College NSW           5.58.50
1992 Newington College NSW           7.01.43
1993 Brisbane Boys College Qld           6.05.88
1994 Sydney Grammar School NSW           6.27.62
1995 Shore School NSW           5.56.03
1996 Shore School NSW           6.21.06
1997 Brisbane Grammar Qld           6.53.77
1998 Newington College NSW           6.09.91
1999 Xavier College Vic           5.55.38
2000 St Josephs NSW           5.55.60
2001 Kings NSW           5.53.97
2002 Shore School NSW           6.03.63
2003 Shore School NSW           5.57.97
2004 Shore School NSW           6.01.79
2005 St Josephs No 1 Kings NSW Scotch College Vic Shore NSW St Peters College Sydney Boys High NSW 5:58.04 
2006 Kings School, NSW Scotch College, VIC Geelong College, VIC Shore School, NSW St Josephs, NSW Geelong Grammar, VIC 5:40.81
2007 The Shore School, NSW The Kings School, NSW Newington College, NSW Scotch College, VIC Melbourne Grammar School, VIC St Joseph's College, NSW 6:22.81
2008 Scotch College No. 1 (VIC) Melbourne Grammar School (VIC) Shore School No. 1 (NSW) St Josephs College (NSW) The Kings School (NSW) Brighton Grammar School (VIC) 6:00.04

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