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2015 National Championships—
Sydney International Regatta Centre NSW

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These Championships were conducted without the World Cup overlay of the previous two years. The standard of the organisation did not drop and was superb. The regatta was generously supported by Destinations NSW, an agency of the NSW government.

The regatta was a great success both on and off the water. The weather was kind for all but one session.

Innovations included the ROWunion Marquee with bar and tapas menu to catch up with past rowing buddies and crews.

Also new was the exhibition entitled ‘Rowing with the ANZACS – Remembering mateship and sacrifice’. The exhibition commemorated the Centenary of ANZAC in the context of Australia’s rowing heritage. On the 29 March, after the Schoolboys Eight race, there was a Commemorative Ceremony to pay tribute to South Australian rower, Tom Whyte, who died on 25 April 1915 at Gallipoli, Turkey, while rowing to shore.

There were 1236 entries from 201 clubs.


Organising Committee and Officials

Event Board: Chairman: John Boultbee, Deputy Chairman: John Croll, Member: Joelie Chisholm, Member: Lizzi Chapman, Member: Bryan Weir, Member: Jo Verdan, Project Manager: Fred Taylor

Jury: President: Phil Fraser TAS, Lynne Bayliss WA, Alan Butorac ACT, Janette Christian NSW, David Cox WA, Barny Cundell SA, Gavin Dodds NSW, David Grubits VIC, Phillip Gunning QLD, Joe Jackson SA, Rene Klupacs VIC, Tony Levick QLD, Tina Maher TAS, Bruce McCarthy QLD, John Murdoch WA, Brian Nash WA, Geoff Northam ACT, Steve Pennington SA, Brett Ralph SA, Norm Saunders SA, Caroline Schomberg QLD, Lesley Skevington VIC, Greg Smith NSW, Tim Wainman NSW, Brett Woolfit WA.                                                                                             

Men's Scull


1st Buckingham - Max McQueeney
2nd Mersey - Taylor Wilczynski
3rd Mercantile - John Linke
4th SUBC - Hamish Playfair, Cchs: Thomas Sacre and Mark Prater
5th Murray Bridge - James McRae
6th SUBC - Jean-Benoit Valschaerts, Cchs: Thomas Sacre and Mark Prater
7th Buckingham - Samuel Volker
8th Grammarians - Ben Morley, Cch: Tom Westgarth

Final B:
1st SUBC - Christopher Cunningham-Reid, Cchs: Thomas Sacre and Mark Prater
2nd MUBC - Jordan Smith, Cch: Pete Kupcis
3rd WARC - Matthew Cochran, Cch: Nick Collins
4th MUBC - Harry Picone, Cch: Pete Kupcis
5th UTS - Michael Keene, Cchs: Joe Tamigi and Tim McLaren
6th UTS - Justin Quigley, Cchs: Joe Tamigi and Tim McLaren
7th WARC - Nick Wakeford, Cch: Nick Collins
8th AUBC - Matthew Bolt

Other scullers:
AUBC - Falco Richardt
Canberra - Angus Harding, Cch: Andrew Randell
Vanuatu - Luigi Telemb, Cch: Tom Pata
Team Singapore - Justin Ong, Cchs: Goken Sakamoto and Marnie Rozea
Sydney - Steven Peile, Cchs: Lachlan Carter, Jason Baker and Donovan Cech
WARC - Sam Hughes, Cch: Nick Collins
Mosman - Dunstan Scully, Cch: Nick Garratt
Team Hong Kong - Hiu Fung Law, Cch: Christopher Perry

Men's Double Scull


1st SUBC - Bow: Cameron Girdlestone, Str: Alexander Belonogoff, Cchs: Thomas Sacre and Mark Prater
2nd SUBC/Mersey - Bow: Hamish Playfair, Str: Taylor Wilczynski, Cchs: Mark Prater and John Driessen
3rd WARC/Buckingham - Bow: Samuel Volker, Str: Matthew Cochran, Cchs: Nick Collins and John Driessen
4th Sydney/UTS - Bow: Connor Clark , Str: Steven Peile, Cchs: Joe Tamigi and Donovan Cech
5th Grammarians/Dutton Park - Bow: Scott Laidler, Str: Ben Morley
6th MUBC - Bow: Harry Picone, Str: Jordan Smith, Cch: Pete Kupcis
7th Canberra/Mosman - Bow: Dunstan Scully, Str: Angus Harding, Cchs: Andrew Randell and Nick Garratt
8th Vanuatu - Bow: Luigi Telemb, Str: Tom Pata

Other crew:
Champion Lakes - Bow: Rhys Bennetts, Str: Lee Blackwell

Men's Quad Scull


1st Swan River/Buckingham/Murray Bridge/Sydney - Bow: Christopher Morgan, 2: James McRae, 3: Max McQueeney, Str: David Watts
2nd Sydney University - Bow: Christopher Cunningham-Reid, 2: Hamish Playfair, 3: Cameron Girdlestone, Str: Alexander Belonogoff, Cchs: Thomas Sacre and Mark Prater
3rd Mercantile - Bow: James Wilson, 2: Josh Dunkley-Smith, 3: John Linke, Str: David Crawshay, Cch: Simon Gadsden
4th MUBC - Bow: Jackson Harrison, 2: Harry Picone, 3: Christopher Hargreaves, Str: Jordan Smith, Cch: Pete Kupcis
5th AUBC/QUBC/Tasmanian University - Bow: Patrick Czakilew, 2: Marnix Mus, 3: Tim Cox, Str: Matthew Bolt, Cchs: Sean Leyland and Zoltan Shepherd
6th Black Mountain/Canberra/Mosman - Bow: Ozren Petrovic, 2: Angus Harding, 3: Angus Thornton, Str: Dunstan Scully, Cchs: Andrew Randell and Mark Partridge

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