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1964 National Championships photos

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1964 Program Cover

Men's Double Scull

Bow: Barclay Wade, Str: Gary Pearce

Men's Coxless Four

Bow: Anthony M Walker, 2: Richard J Garrard, 3: Simon H Newcomb, Str: Peter Gillon, Cch: Keith A Bilney

Men's Coxed Four

Bow: Alfred Duval, 2: John Campbell, 3: Graeme (Mick) Allen, Str: Gary Herford, Cox: Alan Grover

Men's Lightweight Eight

Bow:Rodney Weatherhead, 2: H Penry Green, 3: Tim Hogan, 4: Graeme G Smith, 5: Anthony Fox, 6: George Xouris, 7: Jeff J Wylie, Str: David Palfreyman, Cox: Clyde Gilmour, Cch: Mark Farmer

1964 course as printed in program

Men's Coxed Pair

Bow: Neil Lodding, Str: Bruce Richardson, Cox: Wayne Gammon

Men's Coxed Pair

Left to right: Bruce Richardson (stroke), Alf Lodding (coach), Wayne Gammon (cox), Ray Todd, Neil Lodding (bow)

Men's Lightweight Scull

Jeff Sykes


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