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1928 Interstate Championships - photo gallery

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Advertisement for the race

Finish of the King's Cup race


1928 WA crew

Bow: Clay Duke, 2: Athol Thomas, 3: William (Bill) A Browne, 4: Jim Shaw, 5: A (Steve) McHenry, 6: George Orgill, 7: Bert Buzolic, Str: W Murray Church, Cox: Owen Carrick

1928 WA crew


1928 Victorian contingent relaxing on the banks of the Nepean River

1928 Program cover


Nepean River in 1928


1928 Victorian crew

Bow: K Taylor, 2: R Jelbart, 3: R Grover Heyward, 4: L Glynn, 5: L Scully, 6: E V Porter, 7: Jack South, Str: B C Edwards, Cox: J Dutton


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