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Bendigo Senior Four- 1932
Bow: A.Gooding, D.Marrows, W.Morgan, Stroke: A.Patford, Cox: D.Ellis, Coach: A.Cambridge.

Bendigo Lightweight Four- 1934
Bow: L.Unmack, F.Favaloro, J.Cummings, Stroke: W.Parkinson, Cox: D.Ellis, Coach: C.Seymour.

Bendigo Junior Four- 1937
Bow: G.Lee, F.Thompson, G.Heazelwood, Stroke: H.Grifriths, Cox: L.McGowan, Coach: W.Morgan

Bendigo Lightweight Maiden Pair - 1940
Bow: W.Parkinson, Stroke: F.Hillman, Cox: L.Reilly

Eugene Sandner and Harold Griffitths at the Christening of 'Five New Boats'

Fred Hillman and an extravagant use of Champagne

Laurie Higgins, Bob Carr, Tim Nihill, Ken Moore, Ken Nankervis

John McKendry and John Cashen
"We need water in there Fella's not dirt!"

Left to Right: Glen Heazelwood, Jacinta Nolen, Lesley McKarney, Fred Hillman, Bronwyn Smith, Alison Tuddenham, Michele Monteith

Howard Mussett, Brendan Watt, Cox: Rett Kerr

Jeff Sellens, Andrew Watson, Roger Wilson

Cox: Jodie Jinette, Megan Brooks, Kim Frostick, Coach: Jim Peoples

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