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Adelaide Rowing Club - The First Hundred Years

A Narrative History 1882-1982 - Compiled by R W Richardson

Appendix 1. I Zingari Foundation Members

List Of Foundation Members as at 10th July 1882

Full Members

Carter, P.J. (Captain)
Morice, P. (Vice- Captain)
Wigg, R.W. (Hon. Sec.)
Duncan, M. (Hon. Treasurer)
Mitchell, F.C. (Committee)


H.E. Sir W.F.C. Robinson (May 1883)


W.H. Bundey Esq.


A. Harvey
Caleb Peacock
Dr. Joyce
Dr. Astles

Members   Honorary Members
Aldridge, G.S. Morice, L.A.  
Ballantyne Nicholls, H.F. Andrews, G.
Barrainger Phillips, F.D. Arrow, J.T.
Beavor, J.J. Phillipson, C. Blackburn
Bleechmore, Irwin A. Phillipson, E. Boothby, Reg.
Cooke, W.E. Poole, F.H. Clucas, E.C.
Cowle, E. Sawers, W.R. Davidson
Cowle, P. Scott, A. Doswell, F.
Davis, G.O. Shaw, J.J. Ebswroth, A.
Dean, G. Harry Shier, Jno. Ferguson, J.F.
Dornwell, B. Tolley, G.H. Grayson, L.W.
Eccles, Major Vivian Harvey, Arthur Jnr.
Finlayson, E. Wadham, H. Laurie, D.
Green, E. J. Watson, Geo. Leader, R.
Hammond, C. Wicksteed, H.J. Morris, M.S.
McEllister, T. Wicksteed, T.C. Newell, J.
Miller, A. Wood, C.H. O'Halloran, H.J.D.
Milne, J. Jnr. Wright, J.W. Phillipson, Walter

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